I love funny men

Last night I went to a comedy show at NYU Skirball Center featuring Aziz Ansari and John Mulaney. I’m not really a follower of comedians so I wasn’t sure what I was in for, except that I knew Aziz Ansari was pretty funny in a few bit parts he’s had and he’s been gaining some buzz. The show ended up being great. John Mulaney was on for 30 minutes, and I didn’t stop laughing once. I love when comedians shed light on the humor of everyday situations, like how ordering french fries can be like a little adventure (when you’re out to eat and someone – perhaps you – suggests ordering fries like it’s something that everyone has to agree on as if it’s a major group activity (I know you know what I’m talking about)) or how reading the New York Post is like talking to someone who heard the news and is trying to give you the gist. Seriously LOL quality stuff. Aziz Ansari was also great, but I must say, I left the show more impressed by Mulaney, and I’d definitely go see him again. He tickles my fancy. And he lives in Brooklyn, so maybe I’ll find him and we can share some fries and laughs.


I tried to make them look like they were on the stage together. Proportions way off. Fail.

After the show I had self-serve frozen yogurt and the Yankees beat the Phillies, both awesomely delicious.


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