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I’m back

Well, it sure has been a while. But I’m back, and I’m planning on making it a regular thing.

In the last..err…year or so, there’s been a major development that’s taken over my life: I started law school. It’s just as bad as everyone says it is. But I have to admit, I do kind of like it. The whole competition aspect is no fun, and the grade mongers are wretched. I’m at the tail end of the most difficult finals period I’ve ever been through (and what will be the most difficult one of my law school career, I’ve been told), and I can just taste the freedom that is 30 hours away. That’s right, 30 hours. Tomorrow at 4pm, I will officially be done with first semester of my 1L year.

On that note, I should probably get back to torts. And don’t worry, this blog will not be law school-centric. Law school has taken over every aspect of my life, but I’ve no intentions of it taking over tickles fancy.


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