Really, Natalie?

Natalie Portman, so not tickling my fancy.

I know this post comes almost two weeks too late, but I still want to share my thoughts on the topic. Natalie Portman won the Golden Globe for Best Actress two Sundays ago, and gave a really awkward speech with a really awkward laugh. I’m not sure if they were side effects of her knocked-up-ness, because the behavior didn’t seem typical of her Harvard-educated (did she graduate?) self. But that’s not what bothered me the most. It was her [Viktor & Rolf] dress. It was disgusting. Sure, she’s pregnant, but does that mean that she needed to wear a pale pink sack with a glorified applique on it? And what was up with the french twist hairdo? Did she also become a 50-year-old politician? And – I’ll stop with the criticisms after this – when did her arms become tiny little stumps? It’s been very frustrating to see her on the “best dressed” lists since the show, so I had to give my two cents. Phew. That feels better.


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