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The King’s Speech

Though I did not get to watch the Oscars last night (thankulawschool), I was very happy to find out that Colin Firth won for Best Actor for his work in The King’s Speech. He was just fantastic in the movie, which tells the little-known story of King George VI and his speech therapist (played by Geoffrey Rush, who also deserved to take home an Oscar).

I’ve loved Colin Firth for quite a while [hello, Mr. Darcy (and can we note that he also played Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’ Diary. How many Mr. Darcys can one play??)]. Last year, he made Christopher Isherwood’s A Single Man come alive on the screen, and did an amazing job as George. The only thing is, around the time he started doing press for A Single Man last year, I noticed that there was something off about his face. I’m pretty sure he got it pulled or smoothed or something unnatural, and it disappoints me a little. I really think men should just leave their faces alone. Especially for male actors above the age of 40 – eventually, they’re going to want a little character in their characters.

Ah well, congratulations Mr. Firth. Well deserved.


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Photo from Toothpaste for Dinner.

End of the month. Time to pay rent. Isn’t it a wee bit unfair that February only has 28 days yet rent rates are the same? There should be a special exception for February.

This, however, is one RENT I am so super excited for.

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Yeah, that’s attractive

Manny Fernandez, NYT

Photo currently featured on the New York Times homepage, from the article, “Now in Brooklyn, Homegrown Tobacco: Local, Rebellious, and Tax Free.” This [oh-so-attractive and vibrant looking] woman lives in Marine Park and has to be careful where she steps in her basement so as not to jeopardize one of her precious tobacco leaves. Oh yeah, and her stack of old Springsteen records. Go figure.

Dislike. Let’s see more articles dedicated to some healthier pursuits, thank you.

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Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

Thanks to [finally] watching the Valentine’s Day episode of Glee, I have a new favorite song. I’ve been listening to it every second I can. It’s totally uplifting, which a law student really needs. I may be late on this bandwagon, but I figured I’d share in case you’re not on board yet. Because haters, they gonna hate, and law school is full of them. {Also, I am so into the 80s dancing Katy breaks into at the end. Love. It.}

Boom boom boom. Even brighter than the moon moon moon.

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Just when you thought I might be getting the hang of regularly updating this blog, I disappoint.

Apologies, once again. It’s that who law school thing that’s gotten in the way of my life/health/happiness and all that. Second semester’s come in like a raging bull, full of writing assignment and the pressures of securing a summer job.

I’ll be back, though. Once my motion for summary judgment is turned in (on Valentine’s day, no less) and I catch up on all the reading I’ve been neglecting (that’s what I’ll be doing on Valentine’s day evening), I plan on filling you up with lots of fun cooking and baking adventures, and anything else that tickles my fancy.

In fact, I’d like to share a little story with you. Yesterday, while waiting for the subway to take me to an oh-so-fun legal career fair, I witnessed a girl – a total brat – come through the subway turnstile, tear up her single ride Metrocard, and drop the little pieces on the platform. There was a garbage can no less than four feet behind her. Now, I gave plenty of nasty looks and really tried to bite my tongue, but I could not. I gave her a piece of my mind. It resulted in a screaming match, and I all of a sudden became quite patriotic, shouting “this is my city! I want it kept clean – it’s people like you who dirty it up! Why should someone else have to bend down and pick up your trash?!”

It was fun. Mostly because the total brat was being a brat, and I’m decked out in suit and heels reminding myself that if I take this too far I could place my future legal career in jeopardy.

But it felt good. It felt grand. And if there were more people on the platform, I believe there may have even been some applause.

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