Chanel Perfection

{Oh, you like my dress? This lil ole thing?}

I cannot get enough of Blake Lively’s outfit. She wore it to the dinner that Chanel hosted for her (oh yeah, no big deal, just going to some dinner organized by Chanel, the sole purpose of which is to honor me) on Wednesday night at La Grenouille. I love how the structural shape of the dress, especially in the shoulders, contrasts so well with the flowy add-ons (which I’m not generally a fan of). LOVE the stripes. Her ballet-shoe-inspired Christian Loubs go perfectly with the getup, and of course, the icing on the cake, her matching Chanel bowling bag in iridescent calfskin from the spring-summer 2011 collection. The pop of color in her earrings, her casually swept up hair… This outfit is perfection.

Pure. Unadulterated. Chanel. perfection.

While I’m totally envious of Blake’s gig as the new face of Chanel (hello, free bags!), I’m more jealous that she got to make cake pops with Bakerella.


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