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Spring Fever

I have a bad case of spring fever. On the plus side, my mood has been lifted, but on the negative side, my focus has gone to $h!t. I have one day of class and one brief rewrite to complete before I’m officially on spring break (which basically means I officially have no class to interrupt the days of outlining and figuring out what’s been going on in Constitutional Law). It’s a beautiful day outside, and I have the sun shining down on me… from the window I’m next to in the library.

Alas, spring is in the air and I welcome it with open arms. The past few weeks have restored my faith in the belief that good things happen to good people. Things have really been on the up and up, and I am so glad that I’ve been able to achieve certain things without having to play into the law school game. I’ve been honest, truthful, and genuine since the start, all the while knowing that most people around me weren’t. Well, I think it has paid off. Perhaps, even in law school, nice guys don’t finish last.

Life is good. The sun is out, the air is crisp, and I feel lucky and blessed to be able to bask in the splendor that is the cusp of spring… even if it is from inside the library.


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Photo from Toothpaste for Dinner.

End of the month. Time to pay rent. Isn’t it a wee bit unfair that February only has 28 days yet rent rates are the same? There should be a special exception for February.

This, however, is one RENT I am so super excited for.

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Yeah, that’s attractive

Manny Fernandez, NYT

Photo currently featured on the New York Times homepage, from the article, “Now in Brooklyn, Homegrown Tobacco: Local, Rebellious, and Tax Free.” This [oh-so-attractive and vibrant looking] woman lives in Marine Park and has to be careful where she steps in her basement so as not to jeopardize one of her precious tobacco leaves. Oh yeah, and her stack of old Springsteen records. Go figure.

Dislike. Let’s see more articles dedicated to some healthier pursuits, thank you.

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Just when you thought I might be getting the hang of regularly updating this blog, I disappoint.

Apologies, once again. It’s that who law school thing that’s gotten in the way of my life/health/happiness and all that. Second semester’s come in like a raging bull, full of writing assignment and the pressures of securing a summer job.

I’ll be back, though. Once my motion for summary judgment is turned in (on Valentine’s day, no less) and I catch up on all the reading I’ve been neglecting (that’s what I’ll be doing on Valentine’s day evening), I plan on filling you up with lots of fun cooking and baking adventures, and anything else that tickles my fancy.

In fact, I’d like to share a little story with you. Yesterday, while waiting for the subway to take me to an oh-so-fun legal career fair, I witnessed a girl – a total brat – come through the subway turnstile, tear up her single ride Metrocard, and drop the little pieces on the platform. There was a garbage can no less than four feet behind her. Now, I gave plenty of nasty looks and really tried to bite my tongue, but I could not. I gave her a piece of my mind. It resulted in a screaming match, and I all of a sudden became quite patriotic, shouting “this is my city! I want it kept clean – it’s people like you who dirty it up! Why should someone else have to bend down and pick up your trash?!”

It was fun. Mostly because the total brat was being a brat, and I’m decked out in suit and heels reminding myself that if I take this too far I could place my future legal career in jeopardy.

But it felt good. It felt grand. And if there were more people on the platform, I believe there may have even been some applause.

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Law School is a Funny Place

[This is a modified version of an email I sent to a friend a few minutes ago.]

My law school sells passes to law students who are living in the area and studying for the bar. I’ve noticed them in the library lately. Particularly, there’s been this one guy who is in my carrell all the time. Now, this is MY carrell. People who study in this area respect other people’s spots. I had to wake up many early mornings to ensure that this became MY carrell.

So yesterday, even though it was Saturday and NO ONE comes to the library early, I came at 9:15 (it opens at 9) to make sure that I was in my rightful place. The only reason I didn’t arrive at 9 is because I stopped at a store, which opens at 9, to get food for the day. So I walk into the 3rd flooor reading room, dead empty and quiet, as it always is at that time on a Saturday morning after the second week of school. I mosey on over to my carrell… AND HE IS SITTING THERE!! WTF! SO ANNOYED! I mean, I got the second best carrell, but it just didn’t do it for me. I like my view from MY carrell. To make matters worse, we were the only two people on the entire floor (perhaps the entire library!) for HOURS. He was the ONLY thing standing between me and my carrell.

So today, I know I have to get here before the library opens. And I do. I’m waiting outside the library. Who do I see approaching the building? None other than the carrell stealer. It’s 8:59. Then it’s 9:02. Then 9:04. I’m arguing with the security guards that it’s past 9 and the library should be open. It’s me standing in front of the doors, and the guy is right behind me. We’ve formed our own tw0-person line. It’s straight out of a Larry David script. We’re given the go ahead. Do I take the stairs? Do I take the elevator? I head towards the stairs. And I BOOK IT.

I’m in my carrell. I have my wonderful view.

I think I scared the guy. I don’t even think he’s in this room. He might recognize me as the only person who gets to the library as crazy early as he does and who always walks over to the carrell he’s sitting in.

But not today. Today, this carrell has returned to its rightful owner.

Success. Sweet success.


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This sucks

Someone on the corner of my block got an early Halloween trick (not treat). I wonder if it was a random act of vandalism?

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