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The King’s Speech

Though I did not get to watch the Oscars last night (thankulawschool), I was very happy to find out that Colin Firth won for Best Actor for his work in The King’s Speech. He was just fantastic in the movie, which tells the little-known story of King George VI and his speech therapist (played by Geoffrey Rush, who also deserved to take home an Oscar).

I’ve loved Colin Firth for quite a while [hello, Mr. Darcy (and can we note that he also played Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’ Diary. How many Mr. Darcys can one play??)]. Last year, he made Christopher Isherwood’s A Single Man come alive on the screen, and did an amazing job as George. The only thing is, around the time he started doing press for A Single Man last year, I noticed that there was something off about his face. I’m pretty sure he got it pulled or smoothed or something unnatural, and it disappoints me a little. I really think men should just leave their faces alone. Especially for male actors above the age of 40 – eventually, they’re going to want a little character in their characters.

Ah well, congratulations Mr. Firth. Well deserved.


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