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The Sounds

I tend to love all things Swedish. I was not-so-mildly obsessed with ABBA growing up (after I saw ABBA the Movie on VH1… seriously, I became their biggest fan under 18). Shortly after my college graduation in 2005, I discovered The Sounds while listening to Pandora at work (remember when Pandora was really new and exciting?). A love affair quickly commenced, and I’ve since seen them three times live – whenever they’ve been in NY, and once in Philly. I find their music really empowering – new wave that gets you feeling and moving. I was SOOO excited to find out that they’re playing a show in Brooklyn in a couple of weeks, and it’s a good thing I got tickets early, because they sold out within the day. I feel like a 13-year-old with all the anticipatory excitement I’m feeling. It’s going to be the most fun, awesome dance party, and I’m so excited that I’ve gotten my boyfriend, sister, and other friends into The Sounds, too, because a group dance party is always better than a solo one (but in all honesty, I usually break off to get to the front to see Maja’s amazingness up close). Their shows allow me to morph into a totally uninhibited dance machine, and I cannot wait to feel that exhilaration in just a week and a half.

Check out The Sounds music on My Space (favs: Dorchester Hotel and Ego). The new album drops on March 29, and I’m still allowing the two singles that that have been released to grow on me.

Seriously, I’m so excited. I miss that teeny bopper feeling of excitement to see one of my favorite bands live. It’s refreshing.


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