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Ahhh… break

As I mentioned, I’m on Spring Break this week. Yes, I have a ton of stuff to get done for school, but I’ve had a few days of wonderful enjoyment of doing the things that I’ve missed: cooking, eating home-cooked meals (prepared by my mom, so they’re practically gourmet), seeing my family, and watching television. Yesterday, I watched over eight hours of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Atlanta that I had to catch up on, and ate half a dozen bagels. I kid you not. It was GLORIOUS.

This past Friday I took a “flexitarian” cooking class meant to showcase recipes that work for vegetarians (like me), or carnivores (like absolutely everyone else in my life). It was fun and informative. I met an attorney who is planning on quitting her corporate job after a year and a half to pursue her love of cooking. That strengthened my conviction in law school. I worked pretty hard on a creamy root vegetable soup, peeling and chopping three pounds of vegetables for it (root vegetables are tough to chop, people).

See the white yam in the lower lefthand corner? It was gorgeous. It had orange veins running through it. I was in love with it.

Unfortunately, I did not get to enjoy the creamy root vegetable soup. At the very last minute, Chef (that’s what he’s called – not the chef, just Chef) decided it needed a bit more liquid, so he grabbed a pan of duck renderings and poured it into the soup. And so it flexed on into carnivore territory. It was a little annoying. I griped to my attorney friend. Nonetheless, there was a ton more food to eat. So much, in fact, that I waddled around for the rest of the night with a food baby. It was fun.

Some of the spread. That tomato soup with goat cheese crouton did, in fact, remain vegetarian (or so we were told...).

The plate looked bigger in real life. I think it had a 14-inch diameter, no joke.

Mmmm food. Cooking. Food babies. Bagels. TV. How I’ve missed all the things that tickle my fancy…


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